Friday, November 30, 2007


Here are some links to MADE IN USA toy companies.

One of the best seems to be Holgate Toys of PA. Their website says they have been in business since 1789! Wow! The toys are wooden, well-crafted and awesome. Unfortunately, they seem to be overloaded with orders this year and so they have a disclaimer stating that shipping may take a little longer to process.

Here are some other interesting USA toy makers/sellers:

Fat Brain Toys have an online "Wizard" (database) of toys you can search by interest, age, gender, price ranger and country of origin. Just click on the USA map or the link next to map on any of their pages.

North Star Toys, located in NM. A family owned and ran business since 1979.

Maine Toys, located in Maine, since 1973. They sell wooden, handcrafted, lead free toys both online and in local stores. For a list of their local retailers, click here. (powered by The Detroit Free Press) has published an article entitled "Not Made In China: Toy shoppers worried about lead can find wonderful gifts in new places" which lists safe toys manufactured in the US but also some made in other countries such as Germany and Mexico. I say, buy US if you can. Support your country and your economy.