Saturday, December 22, 2007

DISHES & COOKWARE: Corelle, Pyrex and more

I like Corning, Pyrex and Corelle but I cannot give them a 100% Made In USA stamp of approval as some of the products under these name brands are imported from yes, China. I emailed World Kitchen, LLC asking where Corelle and other products were manufactured and this is the answer I received. (See email below.)

Shop wise. Shop USA.

Consumer Help Center Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 12:29 PM

Thank you for contacting World Kitchen, LLC

Most of our Corelle dinnerware is made in the USA. All of the plates and bowls from the Livingware, Lifestyles, Impressions, Ultra and Corelle Square collections are made in the states. The mugs and glasses in our sets are made in China. Also, our Corelle Hearthstone dinnerware collection is made in China also. Pyrex glassware is made in the USA as well. Pyrex metal bakeware is manufactured abroad. Corningware, Revere, Bakers Secret, Chicago Cutlery, EKCO, Magnalite and Visions cookware lines are all manufactured outside of the USA. We hope this information is helpful.

For further assistance, please contact our Help Center at 800-999-3436. Representatives are available from 8am to 6pm, EST, Monday through Thursday and 8am to 5pm on Friday, and will be more than happy to assist you.


World Kitchen LLC
Consumer Help Center


Mary K P said...

I want USA only dishes to eat AND drink from

Thank you for the update on Corelle. I really thought that the cups too were made in the USA, since it is clearly stamped on the bottom of the mugs.

Daughter of the King said...

I called my blog about my white corelle.

Anonymous said...

Wow beautiful set...

JewelandtheSun said...

Thanks for the information.

Alyssa said...

Please be sure to consider the American-made dishes that we sell, including Fiesta dinnerware. We carry only American-made products at

oma said...

I emailed the company and received a response. They are TOTALLY MADE IN THE US OF A. They have fourth and fifth generation employees and are made in West Virginia and Ohio. Support the USA for dishes.

destinycalls said...

I have been searching for a made in the USA tea kettle. I found one being sold by Sears and it was Revere Ware. I contacted Sears and specifically asked them and they assured me it was made in the USA. It arrived yesterday and it is bottom marked CHINA. I was truly not happy. I am returning it.

What companies do make Made in the USA Tea Kettles. I have learned that most of what we buy is made in China, and having great difficulties in locating a tea kettle made in my own country.

Please post as I really need one. I have a bid on an older West Bend that is clearly marked on the bottom. If I don't win this I would surely like to know as I have found out that even manufactures are misleading the public,
Thank you,
Mary F.

BLOG O' USA Blogger said...

Dear DestanyCalls, Last year I was also seaching for a new teapot, made in the usa. I googled and found (, which has several USA made teapots.

What I finally bought, however, was a very nice, used teapot, made in Japan, from our local thriftshop called Savers. While it's true, it's not made in the US, I bought it because I trust Japan's manufacturing processes and Japanese tea pots are some of the best made. And of course, it was much cheaper than a new teapot.

Also, I chose to buy a used teapot because I believe when making purchases, buying used should be considered first--since it is better for the Earth and all who live there. There is little to no pollution, wasted resources or cost to the environment in buying used vs new. It is the ultimate Green choice.

destinycalls said...

Hi, and thank you. Yes, I looked and what I have done so far is bid on an old West Bend tea kettle and hope I win. It will cost as much as a new one. It is marked on the bottom, made in the USA.

I also put a post on Craigs List for a used made in the USA tea kettle.

I also believe in GREEN is better. Too bad we can't get the younger people to go back to clothe baby diapers.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being honest about where your product is made. There are many manufactures that will try to hide the fact that their product is made in CHINA or somewhere else. We have a problem with too many US citizens out of work. I ONLY WANT TO PURCHASE MADE IN THE USA PRODUCTS. I don't trust China to make a quality product and I will not risk my health on something I plan on using everyday as a simple product like dishes.


Anonymous said...

i agree with Emilie, I feel disappointed with the mug made in China, i don't trust product from china but since it is marked Corelle i have no choice but to try the product.

Is It Still Made In The USA Blogger said...

For those of you looking for Corelle cups which are made in the USA, I suggest you find your way to a local thrift store. I picked up a whole set of white, made in the US, Corelle cups for about 99 cents each at Savers. True they are not large mugs but they are great, all purpose cups. Since they are Corelle the are nearly unbreakable and safe. We use them daily.

Jo Ann said...

It took me forever to Finally find the Corelle Blue Hearts pattern. So I ordered them because they are made in the USA. I just received them a couple of days ago and found that the mugs are made in China. My family and I have had problems with stoneware made in China, therefore I have to send them back. I am very disappointed because now I have to buy Fiesta dinnerware. Can you tell me why the mugs and glassware are made in China?

Anonymous said...

Simply... The mugs made in China are not even the same color of the dishes and plates... Too bad for Corelle... My family has been using Corelle for 3 generations... No more Corelle for us....

Is It Still Made In The USA Blogger said...

I bought my new Corelle at a Corelle Outlet Store and I pick up others at Thrift stores...I even picked up a couple of bowls at Walmart. So,.Corelle is a mishmas of dishware. All are basically white (some with simple patterns) and so go together well. In the end, I have a good set of dishes...tough, clean lines, primarily used but in great condition that our family is very happy with using. I suggest that all you Corelle fans look for dishes in these place because you have to purchase them in real time vs online.

So once again search for Corelle in the following places:
*Thrift Stores
*Keep an eye on Craigslist as well

Anonymous said...

I appreciate their honesty and I know products I wont be buying. I just discovered that Fiesta ware is made in the USA. I think I will just start buying that. Sad to hear Chicago cutlery is not made in the usa.

lastdogz said...

This letter is a little old and doesn't mention the Vive collection. Anyone have info on where that's made?

Alana Shaikh said...

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Anonymous said...

I purchased two corelle/Corning white dishes for storing food and rubber lids plus a purple glass lid for eac. I LOVE these dishes and wanted to purchase more. We purchased then in outlets in Lake Geroge summers ago. When we tried to buy more about two summers ago they were not bright white and more clunky in appearance. I checked and now they were being made in China. Decided to just get by with our two dishes and be grateful that I had them. I HATE the China made ones as they are not of the same quality so we will NOT buy them. Also, many products that are being made today have so many smells and I cannot be around these smells so we don't buy things. Sad sad situation!

Anonymous said...

I work for the company of Corelle at a World Kitchen plant and I can detest to the fact that these products are durable, and nice sets. We do a lot of white selections, becasue that is what the consumer buys the most. The cups are made in China, and the glassware is made in Charleroi, PA and in Greencastle, PA most of the products are boxed for the consumer and customers. The Pyrex are very durable and not easy to break and the plates are durable. That does not mean to purposely drop them, because they can shatter on occassions. I love the Pyrex, because when dropped they hold up to not shattering. Overall they got good products and most are USA made. However, only a few that is made in China. The Illionois plant does a lot of the wood and cuttlery products. I am also a happy consumer of these products and I would recommend these products to anyone. Please don't hesitate to buy these products and the square round plates are the most strongest of the plates, atleast in my opinion.

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Paglu said...

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Hemilion said...

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