Monday, October 13, 2008

Baby Safe Feeder

We are lucky enough to have a sweet new baby in our house.  Before he was born, his mom,  my daughter-in-law,  ran across a promising looking little item. It seemed like a good idea. So she put it up and waited for the right time to use it. 

Well, the time finally arrived.  We started using the strange looking little gadget a few weeks ago.  And as it turns out, the item wasn't just a good idea, it was a great idea!

The item I am talking about is called the Baby Safe Feeder by Designs 2-U, Inc. 

The BSF is an odd looking little made-for-babies gizmo. It consists of a mesh bag on a plastic ring with a handle. It is a simple tool designed to help get the baby (and the parents) through the ever trying period called Teething. Ouch!

While using the BSF over the past few weeks, we discovered not only is it easy to use, safe for baby and eco friendly but it works just like it is supposed to work.  Best of all, the baby loves it! In my opinion, that rates as one totally successful product.

And as if all that isn't enough, then get this . . . the BSF is made, where? Right here in the USA. Yay!!!

FYI: To use the BSF, just unscrew the ring from the handle, insert a clean mesh bag (they are washable and re-usable), fill with a  piece of fresh fruit and replace the ring, screwing on tightly.  Hand it to the baby of your choice and then stand back and watch the slobbering and chewing begin.

The BSF has been great for keeping our baby occupied for several minutes at a time, as well as giving him a means to eat fruit without the danger of choking. He just gums away to his heart's delight. (Warning: Bib recommended.)

And if you're thinking I have a hidden agenda here, think again. Once more let me lay this disclaimer out there -- I am in no way affiliated with this company or product. I am just trying to share the discovery and promote buying USA made.


American One said...

I just ran across your blog this morning - kudos! You have a fine listing of American-made products & resources - with one exception -- I did not see ( listed anywhere. They have been selling only American-made products since 1999 and now have over 4,000 products from almost 300 manufacturers.

Keep up the good work - I will be checking back often now that I know about your blog.

Made In USA Blogger said...

Thanks! I've added a link under Other Made In USA sites for Buy American Mart.

~Dawn said...

I love this one! We've used the baby safe feeder with all four of our girls.

It's great to see other parents and grandparents promoting Made in the USA and other safe products. I have a few product reviews on my blog:

I'm also pretty passionate about BPA, also on my blog.

Thanks for the site!

Anita said...

I wish they would've had those when my kids were babies.

raucherentwohnung said...

Nice post! Looking forward to using them for my coming baby!