Monday, January 21, 2008

Speaking of Sell Outs: Baby Jogger


As I stated in my About Me section, I am about to have a new grandchild in the family. We expect him/her to arrive in April `08. So, of course, everyone in the family is excited and fluffing the nest in anticipation of the little stranger. We are hunting and gathering items, hoping to find good, safe, eco-friendly, MADE IN USA, products.

One of the items we have been searching for is a stroller, any stroller, made in the US. So far, we have had zero results in this area. My daughter-in-law checks every time she shops in a store that carries strollers. I have Googled repeatedly, searched every stroller maker’s website I can think of and even set up a Google alert which sends me search results daily. Still, we cannot find any US manufactured baby strollers.

I thought I had finally found one when I came across The Baby Jogger. I had seen it mentioned several times by other bloggers, as well as on several websites, each stated it was a US company which manufactured baby (jogging) strollers in the US. I went on their web site to investigate. Their About Us/History page briefly mentions the original maker of the baby jogger stroller as “Phil Baechler, a local newspaper journalist” who established "The Baby Jogger Company” in 1984. The rest of the page is bloated with boasting about the “high quality” and claims to be the “leading designer and manufacturer of high performance jog strollers.” Wow, I thought. Perfect!

So, just to be sure, I emailed the Sales department and asked if I could tour their factory. Here was the response I got:

BJ Sales
to --- <>,
date Jan 21, 2008 9:07 AM
subject RE: Product question about baby joggers

hide details 9:07 AM (10 hours ago)


Dear -----,

Thank you for taking the time to contact the Baby Jogger Company. Our products are manufactured in China, not the US, and unfortunately it is a private factory that is not open to the general public.

Please let me know if I can answer any further questions for you.


Erica Jutzin

The Baby Jogger Company

800-241-1848 x1139 (PH)

804-262-6277 (FX)



So, we are still searching for a baby stroller manufactured here in the USA. If anyone out there knows if such a thing exists, please email me ASAP.



Anonymous said...

OK, so I have been desperately trying to find a stroller made here or at least in europe. I have done A LOT of research and here is what I have found:
Uppababy does a small amount of manufacturing in MA and is trying to bring back all manufacturing to the US. The have started with some of their accessories and hope to have enough capital to change over soon... but right now... made in China.. but at least they are trying?!
Ingelsina-made in Italy
Stokke- made in Norway
Mutsy- made in the Netherlands
Mountain Buggy-made in New Zealand
Finally Bugaboo is made in Taiwan in a wholly owned (and tour-able) factory. Not great but better than the thought of the Chinese sweatshops that could be putting toxic dye or paint on my child's things. I am due 08/08/08 with our first. Good luck to you!
P.S. I have not heard back from Quinny, but I think they are built in China. GOOD LUCK!

Made In USA Blogger said...

Wow! Thanks Ashley! Good work with the research. It is people like you who may help turn this thing around -- one small step at a time. Just keep on keepin' on -- searching, encouraging others and investigating the concept of buying safer, local products from USA manufacturers.

My favorite quote is:

"No individual raindrop considers itself responsible for the flood."

As one raindrop to another, I say,
we can turn this flood in the right direction, if we just keep trying.

Thanks again,

Daisy from Mississippi said...

I have also been trying to find a stroller made in the USa for my new baby. I have had no luck. Britax customer service told me their stroller was made in the US, but when the box arrived, it said made in China. So I promptly returned it. The Stokke and Mountain Buggy strollers cost $500 yo $1,000; I find those prices crazy. I am now thinking about purchasing a baby carrier from Tough Traveller; their products are made in USA, in NY I believe. I am determined to purchase as many USA made products for my daughter as possible.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the reason why Stokke and MB have CRAZY prices is because their salaries are a lot higher there, with many beneifits such as paid sick day's off, long maternity leave, longer vaccations etc etc..
Not sure why Bugaboo have such a high price, unless they pay their workers well in Taiwan, at least better than other companies that go cheaply to China. I think for the most part, you have to worry about companies paying little to the chinese, so if your product did cost a lot less, I would be WORRIED... that's when you get the lead paint, because companies here are being so cheap. I take a look at the price of a UK Graco and a US Graco -
I wouldn't want a US stroller though, In Europe you have restrictions on what chemicals to use (BPDE's are banned for example) you don't have that here, over 1000 chemicals are used here that have been banned in Europe. and even lead can be present, as it's allowed in small amounts.

Aprica are made in Japan.

My Amby Hammock from New Zealan (although it is made in china) is fire retardant free :)

I jsut feel some companies you can trust more than others. I feel better buying an Amby Hammock made in China than a Graco travel cot made in China..

Anonymous said...

Mutsies are assembled in Holland or Chinese parts (I called and asked).

We went with the Peg Perego Skate. It's a bit heavy, but it's all made and assembled in Italy, with the exception of a few parts (tires and raincover made in China). Plus, it's $300+ off right now.

The PP Primo Viaggio carseat that goes with it is also made in Italy, but the fabric on the 30/30 model comes from China. That was disappointing.

noway said...

Iam Surprised to see Strollers are not manufactured in USA where every thing is gettable but on the other hand i think we can buy a stroller from Europe or china if the product satisfies all the parameters then that wont be a issue

Aaron said...

There is a company in Canada that makes jogging strollers, but I forgot the name. At least it's North American. By the way, it's not Chariot, which claims to make some things in Canada. The Chariot Cougar is the only one I've found, and it's made in China

Educational Calendar said...

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Anonymous said...

by a used baby jogger brand jogger from craigslist or ebay... they once made them in usa and are rated number 1 in safety and other areas

Anonymous said...

Try Orbit I thin they are made in USA

Anonymous said...

bumbleride is made in california

learned the hard way said...

Mountain Buggy now owned by Phil and Teds. Both brands are manufactured in China. Also, Thule Chariot now manufactured in China aswell.

Howara said...

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Babyinform said...

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Babyinform said...

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The Griffon said...

Bumbleride has never been made in California. They have, from the very beginning had a small company in Taiwan make them for them. They explain this clearly. Orbit seems exclusively made in China. Britax travel systems are made in China, but at least the seat components and shells are made in the USA. said...

It is alway a bit scary to see her hop down and then cluck her babies to do the same. It is a good 6 foot drop down to the concrete. Her chicks always make the fall safely though.

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Silvia John said...

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Anonymous said...

We had a stroller which is built in Germany. Hartan. We're Germans by the way.

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