Friday, January 18, 2008

Wine: Buy domestic, not imported

Wine. Mmmmm. I love wine. Wine with cheese. Wine with chocolate. Wine with fruit. Wine with fondue. Wine with chips and dip. Wine with anything, really. Did I say I love wine?

But alas, I don’t drink wine or any alcohol anymore (doctor’s orders). If you do however, and you want to support our US economy, and you want be more green by shopping locally (shorter shipping = less fuel waste = better for the environment)--consider buying domestic instead of imported wines. Put your money where your principles are, I say.

Here in Texas we are lucky, we have our own little “Napa Valley” thing going on in the hill country. Personally, I used to love to drink Llano and Fall
Creek wines, they are both delicious.

For a list of Texas wineries and tour information you can go to Texas Hill Country Wineries home. Or for an even bigger list of US wineries, check out

Buying local wine is one easy AND fun way to do the right thing.


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